As per the UAE Alcohol Law of 1972, the punishment for those caught drunk without an alcohol permit includes imprisonment for a period of six months or a fine of Dh5,000 or both. Available now for USD$46 (1) of 1972 Federal Law No . 10 of 1975 dated 15 Dec. 1975) determines who shall be considered a national of the UAE under the law: Any Arab settled in any of the member Emirates during or before year 1925, and who has maintained his regular residence until the date of enforcement of this Law. It is regulated by Liquor Control Law of 1972 in Dubai and Liquor Law … Not unexpectedly, activities relating to the promotion of alcohol in the UAE are similarly stringent. The license is also required to consume alcohol in UAE. UAE Laws - UAE Federal Law No. 1 of 1972 UAE Official Gazette Federal Law No . Imprisonment for a period of six months or a fine of AED 5,000 or both. Alcohol. The UAE has also scrapped reduced sentences for so-called "honour" killings. At the outset, the prohibition on alcohol advertising and marketing exists at the Emirate level. The UAE has decriminalised the consumption of alcohol. As per Dubai Municipality, drinking alcohol is not allowed on the beach; neither is adding alcohol to any food product. 1 (as amended by Federal Law No. The law states that a person can buy, consume, and sell alcohol in authorised areas even without a licence. Though, law and punishments in each emirate varies slightly, it is almost the same everywhere in UAE. (15) of 1972 translated into English. This is meant to verify punishment, but at no cost can the term exceed the outlined penalty as per the law. According to the criminal law in Dubai it is illegal to consume alcohol without a validly issued permit. Yes, you can drink in UAE if you hold a liquor license provided you should drink in your own home /apartment/hotel room. FED LAW No. 3 of 1987, Muslims are prohibited from drinking alcohol. Art. As per Law on Alcoholic Beverage Control issued in 1972, it is illegal to import, export, manufacture, acquire, drink, supply, sell or offer alcoholic drinks to persons not holding a valid alcohol license issued by the Licensing authority. Tourists in Abu Dhabi don’t need a liquor licence to consume or buy alcohol. The United Arab Emirates has ended lenient punishments for so-called “honour” killings, lifted a ban on unmarried couples living together and decriminalised alcohol, in reforms to personal laws. The laws. You can easily have a drink at restaurants and bars in the city. If the lawbreaker has been convicted by the court and judgment passed, a copy of the judgment is required. As per law you have no right to leave your apartment or hotel room under the influence of alcohol whatsoever the reason is. This is according to the UAE Alcohol Law of the year 1972. (1) of 1972 REGARDING MINISTRIES COMPETENCIES, MINISTERS' POWERS ANDLAWS AMENDING THERETO. Answer: It is important to understand under Dubai alcohol Law of 1972 the purchase of alcohol is restricted to those who have an alcohol license. According to the UAE Federal Law No. But a person below the age of 21 will face criminal charges for consuming and possessing alcohol.