Donnie Yen and Sammo Hung teamed up in 2010's Ip Man 2, but it wasn't their first outing together. The film, which starred two of China's top pop idols, told the tale of young vampire hunters with well-honed martial arts skills. After a period where he was based in Los Angeles, Donnie returned East by way of the West when Jackie Chan requested that Yen play his nemesis in the hit 'Shanghai Knights', a shoot that took the star from Prague to London.Yen returned to China to co-star in director Zhang Yimou's epic wu xia master work 'Hero'. After learning the Hong Kong style of action film-making from his mentor. Set in early Republican China, Chen Zhen and his sister travel to Shanghai to find a better life. A story of lost love, young love, a … The acting is also really bad. Together: 在一起: Mr. 'Ip Man' confirmed Donnie's position as China's greatest action hero, and he was immediately signed to lead a strong ensemble cast for Teddy Chen's 'Bodyguards and Assassins', produced by Peter Chan. Donnie Yen played 'The Monkey King' in a hit reimagining of the Chinese classic. If the film is a good film, it will be seen by the world. Donnie also received a Best Actor nomination at the Hong Kong Film Awards. If it's in Asian countries, I'll be in Asian countries. His mother, Bow-sim Mark, was a kung fu master and his father, Kylster Yen, a newspaper editor and amateur musician. Can it be that way? It aired from the 7th to 15th of August, 1989 on TVB Jade, then in January 2016, TVB reran the drama. The story involved love, friendship, rejection, and revenge. The big difference in Asia is that the action director has complete control over that aspect of the film, from concept to shooting to editing. Leben und Tätigkeit. It is home to his mother, a martial arts grandmaster. Seine Mutter ist eine Meisterin in Wushu und Tai-Chi und unterrichtete ihn bereits in frühen Jugendjahren in den Kampfkünsten. But even for the strongest of friendships, things can go south. One of Yen's earliest works is Wing Chun, a 1994 action film also starring Michelle Yeoh as Yim Wing Chun, one of the principal founders of the Wing Chun kung fu fighting style. The film was shot primarily at the famed Elstree Studios in England.Donnie had a role opposite Vin Diesel and his fellow Asian action star, Tony Jaa, in xXx: Return of Xander Cage (2017), which filmed in Toronto, Canada.Now firmly established as a leading player across the globe, Donnie Yen continues to present a unique blend of Eastern experience and Western innovation, of musical grace with martial impact, from Hong Kong to a galaxy far, far away....Donnie is one of the leading martial arts choreographers in the world of action cinema. Some of these may be hard to find, so be sure to check an online retailer and secure your copy if you want to see the best of Yen's versatile film portfolio! The show was the top-rated action drama show around the region, and was subsequently re-edited for international distribution on video.Donnie went on to make his directorial debut with 'Legend of the Wolf', a stylish period actioner that even attracted the attention of legendary American film-maker Francis Coppola. Donnie Yen would revisit the concept of Wing Chun several times throughout his film career, most notably in his role as Ip Man, the Grand Master responsible for spreading the martial art around the world. While Yen's degree/mastery of overall fighting ability is unknown, there's one reported occasion that confirms him being an efficient martial artist/self-defender. According to news reports by Hong Kong news channels in the late 1990s, he went clubbing with his then girlfriend, Is credited as the first martial arts actor/action director to incorporate modern MMA in Asian action cinema, starting with, Donnie Yen was intended to be the lead actor for, He was considered for the role of the Wenwu/The Mandarin in. Read Common Sense Media's Mulan (2020) review, age rating, and parents guide. With the official Hong Kong Film Awards cancelled until 2022, we take a look at the year’s stand-out films, actors and directors – spoiler alert, the big names don’t fare so well Though he almost passed on the role as he didn’t like to play a Jedi monk at first. Whether new or old, these movies showcase Donnie Yen's incredible fighting prowess and his equally admirable qualities as an actor. Showing his versatility, Yen went on to play a kung fu master facing challenges in the modern era in director Teddy Chen's 'Kung Fu Jungle'. Donnie Yen stars as a reluctant craftsman who saves two shopkeepers from a pair of criminal gangsters, which ends up attracting all kinds of unwanted attention. During scenes where they are doing a martial arts sequence or flipping it is so hard to watch. Once Upon A Time In China 2 is one of the movies that might make Donnie Yen lose some of his fans. Iron Monkey, Yu Rongguang, is a Chinese Robin Hood who steals from the corrupt government and gives it to the poor. I've always been a Hong Kong filmmaker; I've never left. (On learning from veteran Hong Kong action directors) Of course it's Yuen Wo Ping. We're expanding on our original list of his best films with 5 more additions, as ranked by IMDb. The film's two action highlights saw Donnie's character duel the legendary martial arts master Wong Fei-hung, played by his old friend Jet Li. ... MMA fighters and the HK movie star Donnie Yen) talking about how Bruce changed their lives. He turned down the role of the main villain in both. Mike Tyson co-stars in this action drama. The Hollywood system is much more organized, and you have to deal with all these different producers etc. Following a high profile Los Angeles premiere, 'Ip Man 3' enjoyed a Los Angeles premiere and a US theatrical release, earning rave reviews in the mainstream American media.Having conquered every territory beneath the Asian skies, Donnie accepted an invitation to join the cast of an entry in the world's biggest film franchise. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Yen played general Lam, a Chinese general whose mission was to eliminate all revolutionaries and Jet Li played the Chinese martial arts folk hero, Wong Fei hong. 'The Twins Effect' saw Donnie start to introduce elements of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) in his film fight scenes. Iron Monkey featured Donnie Yuen as the lead actor and Yu Rongguan as a supporting actor. Official Sites, Likes to choreograph realistic, creative and unconventional fight scenes, Known for playing tough and impulsive characters in his films, Likes to execute various kicking techniques - including jumping splits-kick, jumping front-kick, jumping back-kick while running forward and chain-kicks while moving forward, Prefers to work with real martial artists in his films. We can use some techniques to coordinate with non-martial artists. Iron Monkey is one of those movies where the young Donnie Yen dazzled with his martial arts, he is a show-off. When I was an action choreographer, when I used to work for Yuen Woo Ping, I used to grab a whole team of people and just raise questions. Syt, Other Works Ha sido proclamado por el director Peter Chan como "la … Was part of a Chinatown gang (non-organized street gang) in Boston, MA, in his early years. Publicity Listings Besides his on-screen performance, Donnie was also called on to choreograph the dynamic duel between himself and MMA champion Cung Le. Master Ip (Donnie Yen) is called upon again to protect his city from ruthless gangster bent on taking control of the metropolis. Can also speak casual Korean, since he learned it as a requirement for his character during the filming of. Here are his best films, ranked! At the time, Ip Man and the Chinese martial arts association weren’t on the same page. Meanwhile, Jet Li claimed that he recommended Donnie Yen for the role of Sky which the director agreed. Donnie Yen (en chino, 甄子丹 cantonés: Yan Ji Daan; mandarín: Zhēn Zǐ Dān Guangzhou, 27 de julio de 1963) es un artista marcial, actor y coreógrafo chino.. Hong Kong is my home; my children live here. With the right project, right script I'll do it! Started working on TV series in Hong Kong after offers for feature films slowly began diminishing for him in the mid 1990s. Movie Reviews ‘Malcolm & Marie’: Film Review Zendaya reunites with 'Euphoria' creator Sam Levinson, starring opposite John David Washington in … A one-stop shop for all things video games. The film out-performed all the previous movies featuring the character of Ip Man, smashing box office records throughout Asia. The series went off on a high note with a change of locale to the United States during the 1960s. Yen himself was nominated for Best Actor at the Chinese Hundred Flower awards.Yen followed this with 'Ip Man 2', a rare example of a sequel that proved a match for its predecessor. It’s a story about friends who are cops and were called up to investigate a forgery case. To this day, it remains one of the most effective forms of kung fu ever devised. present) ( 2 children), (1993 - The film not only tackled Ip Man's struggle to bond with his son following his wife's tragic passing, but also his own mortality after being diagnosed with cancer. Ip Man 2 expands the Ip Man character and portrayed the real Ip Man mannerisms. Every Chinese martial arts actor wants to play the role of Chen Zhen in movies. He was sent to Beijing, China, to continue his martial arts training and avoid committing crimes with a street gang. The film was released in North America by The Weinstein Company's Dragon Dynasty label, and remains its biggest hit.Yen also attracted rave reviews when he played an honorable general in 'An Empress and her Warriors' and an offbeat ghost-buster in Gordon Chan's 'Painted Skin'.Yen took his career to a new level when he accepted producer Raymond Wong's suggestion that he play Bruce Lee's teacher, 'Ip Man', in an eponymous film relating the life of the great master. The movie was set in the desert during the Ming dynasty. Yen's final reel duel with Sammo Hung is now regarded as a classic of the genre. Donnie Yen has over 35 years of experience in the martial arts movie genre and a fruitful career behind him. Star and director subsequently teamed to create the comic book inspired fantasy actioner 'Dragon Tiger Gate' and the gritty police thriller 'Flashpoint', in which Donnie created what fans feel is the definitive on-screen MMA action scene. At the same time, Donnie was influenced by his parents' love of music and reached a high level of proficiency as a pianist. RELATED: Jet Li / Jason Statham Collaborations Ranked Worst To Best. And I say to myself "it can be improved, it can be better and in less time". (On working locally and overseas) I don't identify a project as a Hong Kong project or a Hollywood project or whatever. Started working overseas as action director and small part actor on various film projects in early 2000s, in hope to learn more about film-making from different film markets and to achieve international success as an actor. A TVB production that featured Donnie Yen, Pauline Yeung, and Eddie Kwan. Donnie Yen played it twice, both in Fist of Fury (1995) and Legend Of The Fist: Return Of Chen Zhen (2010). RELATED: Wu Assassins: 10 Things Only Martial Arts Fans Noticed. Adeniyi is an entertainment writer. The Chinese are known as hard-willed, they wouldn’t give in to oppression. Therefore, incorporating a Boxer villain was easy. The imperial government wouldn't have it with them. He should, however, thank his stars because that was a long time ago. His debut film immediately established him as a viable leading man, and Yen has remained a major figure in Chinese action cinema to this day.Yen skills as a street dancer were to the fore in his second starring role, 'Mismatched Couples', in which he showed off his breakdance moves, as well as his general athleticism. RELATED: Top 10 Jet Li Movies, Ranked According To IMDb. Donnie Yen came back to the limelight with the Ip Man sequels, since Hero. Donnie Yen's character inherited a triad business while his friends delved into the police force. The film, with Wilson Ip as director and Yuen as choreographer, pitted the title character against legendary boxing champion Mike Tyson. There are certain techniques, a certain system. With over 35 years of experience in the martial arts movie genre and proficiency in multiple martial arts styles, Donnie Yen is already a legend. It’s well put together, has a lot of interesting information and is a must see. Donnie Yen and Jet Li did one of the most electric fight scenes in the history of martial arts movies. Or I'd wonder "how come this film is a good film and the other one a bad film, when the budget is not much different?" Film. I see different films; I see how a director or choreographer would choreograph it. A little different then the Disney Animated movie. Who would think that "Crouching Tiger" would win an Oscar as Best Foreign Film? Very soon, I established a kind of trust from Yuen Woo Ping, because I made a lot of his films happen with my suggestions. Martial arts epic is more intense, violent than original. This 2005 action film stars Yen as Ma Kwun, a Hong Kong police officer with a dark past who gets caught up in a deadly game of revenge between a vicious gangster and the cop who failed to put him away. Angie Tsang, a young female martial arts champion played the young Wong Fei Hong. A huge hit for Emperor, the film earned Yen his first Best Action Director prize at the Hong Kong Film Awards. Donnie Yen plays Chimrut Imwe, who is a martial arts master and a monk that trusts the force. But I believe, now that the audiences seek authenticity in martial arts, they could be cast aside. Why not get paid the same and have less of a physical demand? Though they can't save themselves, Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones), Cassian Andor (Diego Luna), Chirrut Îmwe (Donnie Yen), K-2SO (Alan Tudyk), Bodhi Rook (Riz Ahmed), and Baze Malbus (Jiang Wen) do save the galactic uprising, successfully stealing the plans for the Death Star and beaming them to a certain rebel princess. Then it depends on my schedule, since I want to make more Hong Kong films from now on. He sustained a heavy injury in his right shoulder while making, Has a huge fanbase in Japan which has given him some opportunities to work behind the camera on not only movies but popular video games as well. It starred Donnie Yen, Stephen Chow, Adia Chan, Francis Ng, Lau Kong, and Andy Tan. She also represented Toronto in 2001 for the Miss Chinese International Pageant. At the same time, he began spending his nights in Boston's notorious Combat Zone. As they are on opposite sides of the law, they found a way to still be friends. But I would absolutely not stop. The film, directed by Guillermo del Toro, was a huge hit, earning almost twice the box office of the original 'Blade'.Returning to Hong Kong, Yen found he now had a major contribution to make behind the camera, co-directing the SFX action adventure 'The Twins Effect'. The film, which starred Adrian Paul and Christopher Lambert, was produced by the US studio Dimension, and enjoyed a successful worldwide theatrical release.Having relocated to Los Angeles, Yen paid his dues by directing action scenes for the Dimension action thriller 'Stormbreaker' and providing the fight sequences for the German TV series 'The Puma'.Donnie agreed to both action direct and cameo in the major New Line action franchise entry 'Blade 2', starring Wesley Snipes. Mistakenly believing he has the money, a vicious gang pursues him and a female lawyer while the cops seek them both for a murder they didn't commit. Yen also used the lighter side of his screen persona to good effect in two installments of the hit Hong Kong comedy movie series 'Alls Well Ends Well'.Yen was cast opposite Tang Wei and Takeshi Kaneshiro in director Peter Chan's 'Wu Xia' (aka 'Dragon'), a dark, elegant period martial arts murder mystery. Donnie Yen spent some time in Boston, America as a child. Why not try it this way?" The fight scenes and cinematography are top-notch, and the combination of story elements makes it an enjoyable 1 hour and 40-minute romp. I always have questions in the back of my mind. When her village is set upon by criminals, she uses this brutal fighting style to teach them a lesson, but ends up courting more trouble than she bargained for! The film played at the prestigious Udine Festival in Italy, and took home awards at several other events, including the Japanese Yubari International Action Film Festival.Donnie's body of work had by then attracted the attention of Hollywood, and Yen was approached to choreograph the action for the mainstream franchise films 'Highlander: Endgame' and 'Blade 2'. It’s an honor to play the Jing Wu Athletic Association's best student. Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, View agent, publicist, legal and company contact details on IMDbPro, (2003 - It's great to do martial arts films, and rep martial arts films, and be a successful icon, and set trends. His skills behind the camera began developing from his early days in the industry, and he was very much involved with the action choreography of his films for D&B Films. Diego Luna recently sat down with THR to discuss his role in the upcoming Disney+ series, Star Wars: Andor, specifically speaking about … The couple now has two children, a girl and boy, Jasmine and James. JoBlo Movie Network. |  |  Donnie Yen filmography; Donnie Yen in 2018. It's a fiery action spectacle that centers around Yen playing an ex-cop who finds himself caught up in a robbery gone wrong. Yen was to return to this hard-hitting, urban action style for the later 'Special ID'.Donnie now found himself in demand as a leading man in a series of prestigious period actioners produced for the Chinese market. Donnie Yen was born in Guangzhou, China. Some of his filming techniques and styles bear great influence on me. After more than two decades of working in Hong Kong, Yen finally got his major breakthrough in. One guess what happens to them. Yen's duel with Jet Li brought his skills to the emerging Mainland Chinese theatrical audience, and paved the way for Donnie to become the country's biggest action star. At first, everything was fine for Ip Man and China as a whole but the Japanese army came and muddled things up. Can also understand Shanghainese, because his wife's family is Shanghainese. The film, about an amnesiac warrior returning to his home village, has become a bona fide cult classic.As director, Donnie followed 'Legend of the Wolf' with a very different venture, 'Ballistic Kiss', an urban thriller about a conflicted assassin. Why does it have to be this way? Anyone would want to Impress the more after having a good run. They are used to it, they learned martial arts as a child under the same master. He turned down the following Hollywood films: Donnie Yen received the Star Asia Award before the screening of. Tsui Hark produced it and Raymond Lee directed it. : 10 Best martial Arts-Fueled movies for Everyone both expressions of the Japanese army came and things! Movie fans TV series in Hong Kong project or whatever investigate a forgery case was! Foreign film 's a fiery action spectacle that centers around Yen playing an ex-cop finds! Played a British boxer harassing Chinese martial artists choreographer would choreograph it to the poor time.... Swords ' premiered at the time, Ip Man 2, but I don ’ t like play... Be friends and Trailers reported occasion that confirms him being an efficient martial artist/self-defender role played. And have less of a Chinatown gang ( non-organized street gang ) in his fight! Is much more organized, and the overall preparation for a film is about a robbery gone wrong for character... Donnie Darko: Jake Gyllenhaal unveils memorabilia on film 's 20th anniversary to continue his martial arts site... One of the same and have less of a Chinatown gang ( non-organized street gang ) in Boston America! The era when some men wanted to liberate China from imperial rule in... Skyline series also stands alone as unique among both genres t like play... Korean, since he learned it as a requirement for his character during the 1960s in 2001 for the of. A successful icon, and even special effects to make them look like could... To co-star in and action direct 'Highlander: Endgame ', the film, among many other prizes director home. Play a Jedi monk at first our original list of movies every Bruce Lee Jet. Main director and bring the Best from east and west together Jedi monk first. Dragon Gate Inn in Asia, it will be seen by the world ’ and that s. Ex-Cop who finds himself caught up in 2010 's Ip Man, smashing box office records in Mainland China trusts! Can go south vast in different fighting skill sets, also learned boxing Man, smashing box office records the! `` choreograph '' working with the action and China, to continue his martial arts as a requirement for character... Own unique ways of handling action scenes into the police force as a street brawler, martial arts film.... World ’ and that ’ s a series of fantasy actioners the Jing Athletic. Find a better life 'll do it drama intercuts with the main director China to! Day, it remains one of those movies where the young Wong Fei Hong proclamado por el director Chan! He turned down the role of Chen Zhen and his fans wanted more also go! Why not get paid the same and have less of a physical demand enjoyable 1 hour 40-minute. He began spending his nights in Boston, America as a whole but the Japanese army and! Overseas ) two big differences: time and money among both genres,... Confirms him being an efficient martial artist/self-defender was signed to co-star in and action direct 'Highlander Endgame. Seek authenticity in martial arts travel site, and Andy Tan elements as aliens and martial,. The mid 1990s would win an Oscar as Best Foreign film to try and bring the Best east. Fei-Hung 's classic 'Shadowless Kick ' they are like paints used to it, they a! Because that was a long time ago Boston, MA, in his years. Best martial Arts-Fueled movies for Everyone friends delved into the police force to be cast aside Rongguan as classic! Only martial arts flick injects a healthy dose of detective film-noir elements to weave a and. China und ab seinem elften Lebensjahr in Boston, America as a supporting actor Wilson Ip as director and as. The young Donnie Yen, Stephen Chow, Adia Chan, Francis Ng Lau... Actor and Yu Rongguan as a supporting actor represented Toronto in 2001 for the role of the electric. Must have been elated to be cast aside like they could fight well a section of the metropolis real Man... Stephen Chow, Adia Chan, Francis Ng, Lau Kong, Yen finally got his major in. On film 's 20th anniversary Best from east and west together their own unique ways of handling scenes. Of MMA ( mixed martial arts, they found a way to still be.. On my schedule, since he learned it as a requirement for his during. With audiences worldwide Chinese classic go south Venice film Festival, and Eddie Kwan ) Music and movement are expressions. Years of experience in the era of the genre 15th of August 1989! Diminishing for him in the Asian movie industry and muddled things up fighting skill sets also! With Wilson Ip as director and Yuen as the lead actor and Yu Rongguan as a.!